Frequently Asked Questions

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No, the West Derby Waste Lands area covers parts but not all of West Derby.
The Secretary of the charity holds a copy of the map of the original area with a line of demarcation which determines whether your address falls within the boundary.
Yes, the West Derby Waste Lands area includes parts but not all, of L7, L11, L12, L13, & L14
No, you cannot apply for a personal grant. However the organisation you work for can apply, if the activities carried out are of demonstrable benefit to inhabitants of the area.
Yes, in appropriate cases the Trustees are permitted to make grants available to other charities. In the case of charitable organizations, again careful enquiry is made as to the extent of the charities´ activities within the designated area.
No, payment of any grant is made by cheque, never cash.
The Trustees may require an applicant to be interviewed but it is not a formal part of the process. You will, however, be required to produce photographic identification, such as a passport or driving licence, and address verification such as a utility bill or bank statement.
You can download an application form for a personal grant from here. or via the post by requesting one from the secretary Mr Lawrence Downey. Please use our contact form
No, you can apply in writing, with full details of why you want a grant, to Mr Lawrence Downey at the address given on our contact form.