The aim of the West Derby Waste Lands Charity is to improve the lives, health, welfare and general wellbeing of people within the West Derby Waste Lands area.


To achieve our aim we provide financial support and assistance in the form of grants to qualifying individuals, families, community and charitable groups within the specified boundaries. We work towards the general benefit of the inhabitants of the area with particular emphasis on the young, old and infirm. Support of those in difficult financial circumstances is a key aim of ours, as is assisting a wide range of community based activities.

If you want to apply for a personal grant Download the application form. If you are a community group or charity and want to apply, please do so in writing to Mr Lawrence Downey at the address provided. See our FAQ section to see if you may qualify.

Who We Have Helped In The Past


Community Health & Wellbeing Groups, Welfare Groups, Carers, Victim Support, Self-Help Groups, Voluntary Organisations, Charities, & Qualifying Individuals.


In recent times we have helped approximately 50 individuals and organisations each year, with grants totalling up to £50,000